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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Apparently you need to have at least a 68020 plus some fast RAM to create good-enough dumps using ctprog.

But try dumping an Amiga disk and check if you can load it into WinUAE. Also make sure you're using the latest capsimg DLL since older ones don't support CT raw files.
I can load these files in winuae, and even access the ST's files with crossdos (even though the dll's not seen when simply put in the winuae folder and i had to pollute the windows dir, lol).

However, still no luck with Steem...

Originally Posted by Don_Adan View Post
If on Amiga, try to use Amtari emulator, and run msa archiver
later xad.library on Amiga or msa converter for Amiga or PC.
If on Amiga yes, but IIRC Amtari needs 68000 so it won't work on my A1200.
Besides, what i want to see now is if these disk images can really work - TOS emulation isn't enough for this.
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