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Originally Posted by rare_j View Post
Why didn't C= upgrade the blitter and copper in the a1200?
Was it too difficult to maintain falback compatibility modes?
Did they not have development budget?
Or did they just think what was there was good enough?
while bringing OCS/ECS to the next level is surely no trivial task, there were several bad management decisions, that lead to the eventual outcome:
  • no member of the original Amiga-team was left at Commodore
  • bad or no documentation (especially Paula)
  • no resources spend
While development of AAA started as early as 88, this project was never given the necessary resources and supervision and ended nowhere.
At the time C= realized they desperately need a new chipset, AAA was far from ready.
Plan B was than to enhance ECS in very short time to fulfill the minimum requirements - project "Pandora" (later known as AA or AGA).
Dave Haynie booted the first prototype with AOS as early as February 91, but thanks to further mismanagement it took over a year for the A4000 to emerge.

Development budget was primarily wasted in the PC department, that was only losing money since 90...

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