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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
Indeed, as I've said several times, that's on top of an already very expensive product, pricing it out of reach of many potential users.
sure: if C= would have been able to sell the A1200 for $100 they would have sold tenth of millions. That was not possible for a computer back than.

The relevant point is, that even with a little bit higher price tag, there was no competitor in that segment.
But instead of creating feature-wise disappointed consumers C= would have targeted a wider basis.

From your post:

Note no mention of soldering at all. Anyway, as I pointed out, only having 1MB of chip RAM would further hobble game development.
In thought we had clarified this point already.
Again: while maybe not explicitly specifying soldered-on RAM, I did not exclude it in any way.
1MB ChipRAM is in most cases enough for double buffered 8-plane AGA.
The possibility to upgrade via a cheap SIMM, would have encouraged users surely the same way or more to do so, as the cheap 512k upgrade did for the A500.

So '030 chips cost the same as '020 chips? That's not what you said before...
no, and you know I did not say so.
But how would the use of an 030 instead increase the prototyping cost in any significant way? Take into account, that C= had already many 030s laying around, did already manufacture motherboard and upgrades with that very CPU and is targeting a volume of serval 100K units.

And yet people weren't upgrading their CPUs...
some did. How many? we can discuss statistics now...
the fact that C= went down, discouraged many, no doubt.
starting with a better CPU to beginn with, would have provided a more competitive system without the immanent need of a CPU-uggrades.

True, but given the number of second hand A1200s on the market without any form of expansion, it has to be a low percentage that were upgraded. Otherwise, why the rather large appetite for brand new accelerators - even modest ones like the ACA1221?
Good point, but still no evidence without numbers. We see here only the ones that did not upgrade before, without comparison to the number that did.
Still astonishing how many rediscover their love for the system.

Yep, all A1200s have the space on the board. See how much Commodore were trying to save money? Making $5 of parts a separate product, cutting one floppy disk from the Workbench set... These are the margins you're talking about, and it was *still* an expensive machine despite all these cost savings. Making the machine 10-15% more expensive is the opposite to what was happening there.
Wasting space on the board is not exactly saving money (same is true for the math-coprocessor field without socked....). This is more a evidence of mismanagement.
We all know that C= was in terrible shape back than, and the mistakes leading to this point are also well known.

How it all could have been done "right" since 88 is written down here:
Alternate Timeline

(probably still a good idea for a game: "Rescue C=")

in this thread I only wanted to point out some things C= could have done better in 92...

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