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Hello Everyone :-)

(I posted my problem already in another thread, but I think here is the correct place, so sorry if someone reads this twice)

I use uae4arm on a gpd xd, but I am not able to get the right analog stick running as mouse... it seems disabled in uae4arm und the touchscreen is used as mouse instead.

Meanwhile I think it must have something to do with the SDL 2.0 framework, that acts as a layer between uae4arm and the android hardware (i dont think uae4arm knows about the touchscreen) - please correct me, if thats wrong.

Or it has something todo with pandora options... (there are some onscreen config-possibilities, but playing around has not the desired effect)

Is there a possibility to configure uae4arm/sdl that the left analog stick acts as joystick and the right analog stick as mouse?

sorry, for repeating my post here!
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