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Originally Posted by aZtOcKdOg View Post
Hey guys!

Looking around the internet and I am hoping that someone here may have a copy of the various doc files that were supplied with Demo Maniac:

Dev Docs for creating Effects
Vector Docs (I can only find the German version)

As I am learning 68kASM for Amiga I thought this might be a nice aside intro to getting some code chops up...

(Also does anyone know if the Demo Maniac Font Convertor was ever finished / released? or what format it is in? I have tried a number of diff exports from Kefrens IFFCONV but to no avail)

Thanks for any info!

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I seem to think that there were some instructions on one of the LSD doc disks, but I could be mistaken (it was a long time ago)

That may be a good place to begin.
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