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Originally Posted by Honey Badger View Post
I have an Amiga 600 -- using a Dell U2410 monitor & it looks fine to me, no complaints

and use AExplorer with null modem cable to transfer files from a laptop (also use WinUAE, by the way)

a CF or SD card adapter is a great alternative to a hard drive (and can also setup on laptop)

a whole LOTTA applications are available online

if not already done so, replacing the capacitors would be a good idea
Thanks. Yeah, I'm looking to get the capacitors replaced.

I ended up getting a BenQ BL702A & VGA adapter as a quick way to get up and running (I may still get an OSSC), along with the following (some of which have not arrived yet):

Additional 1MB Chip RAM
4MB Fast RAM
CF to 44-pin 2.5" IDE adapter + 5 cm IDE cable
4GB Transcend 133x CF card

I'm looking forward to getting some software running!
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