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OSSC adds zero latency so it is as good as it can get. Most 15kHz-capable monitors have some kind of issues that might annoy you after some time - some stretches the image or have weird borders and some forgets the settings after every reset. If you ask me, the lack of visible scanlines is also a problem as this is not how it looked originally on CRT displays. With the OSSC, most of these issues can be resolved, and if you pair it with a decent low-latency gaming LCD monitor, you can get close to the feel and performance of a real CRT.

I have the original OSSC, but I have also heard good things about the cheaper chinese versions.

If you want to use a CF card for storage, you need to go for a WHDLoad setup and that would require an accelerator with at least 4MB memory, preferably 8+MB. WHDLoad games cannot be run from HDD/CF on a plain 2MB A600 (ok, maybe a few 1-disk games but not many). You should be able to play most system-friendly games, i.e. games that can be started from WB like most adventure games.
The cheaper alternative is a Gotek solution. In this case, a KS switcher with 1.3 and 3.1 would also be handy as not all games run properly under 2.0+.
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