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-OSSC apart form upscaling can give you scanlines, which in turn will make games look much better on the modern display. If you don't mind the raw, "blocky" pixels look you can see in emulators then it does not matter though. It's still a powerful, flexible device (you can use it for other hardware too). Decent chinese clones are also ok, and cheaper.

-old school mice are expensive. Unless you want one for authencity/looks, I'd recommend getting one of "TOM" (or one of its clones) adapters - I use my wireless Logitech mouse with it and it works as well as on my PC. Plus you can then use other USB devices (jopypad/keyboard) on it.

-using original floppies is quite nostalgic, but for convenience CF flash card solution is unbeatable (so it's like HDD). There's also Gotek - disk drive emulator which uses USB flash storage for adfs. It's a great device but if you think about serious gaming CF is the way to go (disk juggling/waiting can be a pain).

There are also some accelerators/memory expansions worth investing in, so you can run WHDLoad and Workbench comfortably, but I'm not familiar with A600 ones myself.
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