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A600 Newbie: Questions on Display, Mouse & Storage

Hi guys,

After first wanting an Amiga at nine years of age, I finally got one... 30 years later! This week I bought myself an A600 which looks to be in fantastic condition. The box looks new and even has the pink plastic bag and various cards such as warranty etc, so it was a great experience opening it up for the first time. So anyway, on to the questions:

After doing a bit of research, I'm wondering whether I should get a 15KHz-compatible monitor such as the BenQ BL702a or Dell U2410, or if I should get the OSSC for more freedom. Which would give the better experience?

I also need a mouse. Is there any reason to get an original A600 mouse over a more modern option? Bonus question: does the original A600 mouse have two equally sized buttons, or is button 1 larger? I've seen so many pictures I'm not sure what's what.

And finally, what's the best way of getting hold of and running software on this? Some sort of SD card solution? Or scour eBay for floppies?

I realise a lot of this is going to be subjective, but I'm interested in your experiences and opinions. Perhaps you started out thinking it would be best keeping everything as authentic as possible, but switched to more modern solutions? All I know is that I've got an A600 sat in its box and I'm dying to use it!

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