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Originally Posted by S0ulA55a551n View Post
backbone is written in AMOS ? does it/can it produce AMOS code that can be altered by hand ?
Originally Posted by nobody View Post
Yes I think so

@NoBody Congratulation, nice Game I play some levels and I Like

Player moves (Animation frames are low but make his work) enemies too...a shame. And obiously 68020 there for little speed.

Of Course All in this life is improved al so video games but like you do this game is more than ok and nice to play.THANK YOU

Now some cuestión, opinions too.

(Not A500 user Sorry here )

In the another hand that you afirm that May is posible to export some Amos Readable source or something in Backbone, I'm very courious to know if is posible. I think not, but in case yes Work in backbone for make the tiles (Rooms,World, levels etc..) set All There first and pass code to Amos and improve the player animation and the IA Would be Amazing but I think 90% that is not posible...I hope I'm Rong

I Use backbone a little not much here some cuestións. Sorry if they are a lot.

The GFX are originals Pixel art?
32 colors?
How many levels have you Done now?
Recomend Amiga? 020/030/040/060
Backbone have same Amos Speed.(Amal 50 imágenes por segundo)??
Backbone uses bobs/sprites or computed sprites?
Need some help to finish this?


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