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Beta 6:

EDIT: DO NOT USE NCR53C94/FAS216 SCSI emulation. Writes are broken! (Blizzard 2060, SCSI Kit)

(See below for new PPC information)

- Added NCR53C94/FAS216 SCSI chip emulation (from QEMU)
- Added Blizzard1230IV/Blizzard1260 + Blizzard SCSI Kit IV emulation. SCSI Kit v8.5 ROM added to rom scanner.
- Added CyberStorm MK1 and CyberStorm MK2 emulation, map rom and SCSI included.
- Blizzard 2060 (map rom not emulated) and Warp Engine works now.
- CyberStorm PPC and Blizzard PPC 0xFFF00000 mapping improved, now switches correctly between KS map rom and PPC boot code locations. BPPC now correctly attempts to start flash built-in PPC support code during boot and hangs because PPC won't respond.
- Added warning message when BlizzardPPC or CyberStormPPC PPC CPU gets booted.
- Remap UAE Boot ROM (if needed) to secondary backup location if Blizzard PPC is enabled, if MMU emulation is enabled BPPC will remap normal boot ROM backup location causing boot hang.
- Added CyberStorm MK2 flash rom chip emulation, map rom and disable key support (=HALT4).
- Added CyberStorm MK2 full 128k rom image support (64k of autoconfig rom and 64k of diag rom)
- Flash chip emulation compatibility improved, fixed CSMK2 flasher infinite loop.
- Accelerator memory option now automatically changes CPU board memory if accelerator uses same memory type.
- Added keyboard to help Phase5 boot rom key detection, it still wasn't realiable enough with some boards.
- Added one second boot delay option to misc panel, allows easy access to boot menus without need to slow CPU emulation speed.
- Added 'Te' command to debugger, shows expansion autoconfig board information.
- CPU slot memory region was accidentally removed from mman list, causing random crashes in some JIT configurations.
- 68040+ more compatible / "cycle-exact" mode cache flush instructions didn't do anything.

About PPC emulation. It is now possible, at least technically, all other pieces are now done (at least partially). QEMU has license compatible and apparently very good PPC CPU emulator, including MMU and dynamic translation and it is proven to boot at least Linux.

Only need someone who knows QEMU inside out and can create standalone PPC emulator module that is black box that only needs few functions: read physical address, write physical address, reset PPC, set interrupt level, set CPU parameters. There appears to be some kind of CPU API/class but because it is unstable, internal only API, there is no documentation.

Note that I still don't care what happens will happens in PPC side. If/when Blizzard PPC/CyberStorm PPC can run some small PPC programs = it is done.

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