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Originally Posted by Loedown View Post
All good advice, but a few points I would like to touch on.

Many people seem to like cleaning the tip of their iron when they put it back in the stand after they have soldered with it and this is exactly the wrong thing to do, keeping solder on the tip when returning it to its cradle will protect the tip from oxidization, wiping it before soldering on a moist but not soaked sponge is good and a quick sweep is all it needs, wait a few seconds after for the tip to recover its heat and then solder.

The placing of a blob of solder on the tip is one way of better heat transfer but what I find works well is to place the iron onto the leg and pad of what you are soldering and applying a small amount of solder to the point where everything meets and then if you are soldering a lead when you have applied enough solder to actually let the iron be dragged up the lead as to not leave any dags on the joints themselves. If there's enough interest I will do a short video but I am thinking there's enough on Youtube.
Thanks for providing the extra details, Paul.

It's difficult not to miss anything when you've been soldering for many years and everything is done automatically.

Originally Posted by Loedown View Post
I will be taking stock of a Metcal soldering station in the upcoming weeks so I will no longer need my very reliable old Weller workhorse which I will make available for people here.
That's a nice thought. Thanks for that. It should be snapped up I reckon. When I worked in electronics, Weller irons were practically the industry standard.
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