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When soldering, clean the soldering iron bit by wiping it on the wet sponge and apply solder to the bit until there is a "blob" on the end of it, but not so big that it looks as if it might drop off.

Present the bit to the joint so as to bring the blob into contact with it rather than the bit, to keep its sharp edges from possibly damaging the pcb tracks or pads and heat will be transferred much quicker via a blob of solder than without it.

Prodding the solder at the joint will let you know the instant the joint is hot enough, because the solder will start to melt. It won't require much solder to make a good joint, so you will be able to pull the solder and iron away quite quickly once the solder starts melting. You will know that the joint is good when it covers everything without swamping it and is smooth and shiny all over.

To desolder, prepare the desoldering tool by depressing the plunger until it locks, then apply the iron to the joint, having cleaned the bit on the wet sponge and applied a blob of solder to the end. You may have to apply a small additional amount to solder to the joint to get the solder flowing freely. Keep the iron applied to the joint and then present the desoldering tool to it with your other hand and depress the release button. The solder will be sucked from the joint. The fluxes from the additional solder you applied will help to leave the joint clean when the solder has been removed. You may have to apply the iron to the end of the component leg and push or wiggle it to completely release it.

When using the desoldering tool, try to present it at such an angle that it doesn't jab at the printed circuit due to the whiplash when you depress the release button, and you should also remove the iron just before you do release it.

And practise makes perfect.

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