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Question PIV on real hardware black screen after Poseidon install

Hi guys

any ideas what happened here. Had a working OS3.9BB4 using PIV in 1024x768 resolution fine, but since I installed the Poseidon software to try out my Rapidroad USB module on the XSurf100 card (on an A4000/060), I can no longer boot my machine.

If not using startup-sequence, I get into it, and seems the LOADMONDRVS is causing the issue. Commenting it out will boot the OS fine (albeit in AGA video mode)

I reinstall P96 software, but no avail, wiped all P96 settings and reinstalled, but no help. Haven't uninstalled Poseidon yet, but not sure if that is a red herring or the real conflict.

Checking the sync info on the monitor, when the black screen appears, it is not really outputting any resolution, not even scandoubled AGA resolution or so, just nothing.

I commented out the kickstart patches (loadmodule) lines in the SS but that does not help.

If I run loadmondrvs when I am in a working (AGA) OS workbench, it will guru.

Any ideas before I reinstall the OS (it is still "empty", no 3rd party apps running on it, was just a fresh install after finally succeeding to get my CF32GB card work on the CyberSCSi > CF adapter (Aztecmonster)

I saw some threads about PIV black screens through google searching but none of the things were applicable/fixing the issue.

So any ideas here how to troubleshoot this?
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