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Originally Posted by amigoun View Post
I once tested connecting Amiga over serial to PC for Midi (or Munt), but was not very succesful. Seems like PC needs special drivers to communicate at midi baud rate 31250 to work reliably.
The FTDI chipset on a PC USB to Serial adapter you can set to 31250 or any cheap-ish PC USB Midi adapter will work as Akira says. I have set up Munt on a PC in this way and it worked well enough. Also used the same setup to direct to a different Windows Softsynth and that worked ok for General-Midi.

I somewhat prefer the Null-modem since you don't have to find an Amiga Midi adapter, I don't see how it would necessarily be an advantage to use Midi on both ends. Maybe it's easier on the Windows side if some synths want to see some kind of Midi Input rather than a COM port. Don't know.
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