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You need an Amiga more powerful than stock to run a MIDI softsynth. The Amiga hardware does NOT have a MIDI sound chip.

If you have a MIDI interface on your Mac, you can get a MIDI interface for your Amiga and send the data to your Mac through MIDI. I dunno about the MIDI mapping of the software versions of those instruments. there's a chance they are different, but you can only try and tweak as necessary. You can map the Amiga's MIDI data to any software synth you like in your DAW.

I would go for this option especially since the sounds of a MIDI softsynth will be nothing like your M1 or Wavestation sounds. It's gonna sound like shit and you need some spec'd up Amiga, whereas if you get a MIDI interface and send MIDI data you can use an A500 or whatever.
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