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Outputting MIDI songs in the Amiga without MIDI hardware

I have some old songs in Music-X. The tracks with samples play great, but I've long since sold the MIDI keyboards that the other tracks triggered (I do everything on the Mac now and with software instruments).

Is there any way to route such MIDI tracks to play internally from the Amiga's sound chip rather than the tracks trying to play externally through a MIDI interface?

If not, what is the easiest solution to get the Music-X files to play somewhere?
- I'm happy to export them in MIDI File Format (MFF) but see no way to do that
- I'm prepared to buy a MIDI interface, but still don't have a standard MIDI device that could receive and play the sounds
- The original keyboards were Korg M-1 and Wavestation. I do have the Virtual versions of those as software instruments on the Mac, if there is some way an Amiga or Amiga file can play a Mac?
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