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Happy New kailleraclent.dll version !

Maybe you've noticed that kaillera client can't retrieve servers list since months.
Here is a good news from

This kailleraclient.dll is a standard Kaillera v0.9 dll that has been altered to use the Master Server list at instead of This was done because (as of Sept 2005) the website has been down for months, and as a result nobody is able to get a server list. Users wish to continue to use Kaillera; therefore the owner of has started an alternative Kaillera Master Server.'s Master Server is currently driven from Anti3D's TopServers list on this website. Any server owner may freely Add their server to the list.

Should the original Master Server list at come back up sometime in the future, the's Master will act as a mirror so no confusion arrises between people with different versions of the dll.

Last Update: 09/13/2005
As you can see public servers owners are encouraged to add their servers so they can appear in the new client.

Replace kailleraclient.dll from your current emulator folder by the one you get at: or

Happy gaming
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