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Question help with Amiga Shell - quiting shell windows properly

Hi, So I got this app called NASP (it's a sort of sample player DJ tool,where you smash the function keys and it plays samples)
I'm having trouble closing nasp lists (lists are custom lists of 10 samples you make your self)

I bring up a nasp list via toolsdaemon, it's CLI mode, and the argument is something like (Cli) "HDD:NASPv1.11/NASP" dubsiren"
and then a hotkey assigned to ie (ie 1)

this works, it bring up a tools output window, I think it's a shell window
So I want to close it to bring up another list say, If I click on the close gadget (top left) it's all good, it terminates properly. but I want to use this WITHOUT a mouse!
So I go for control + \ which closes the shell window just fine
HOWEVER (and here's the problem) the list (or mabye just sample memory) hangs in the background! even thought the window has clearly disapeared, the samples from the previous list are still present in memory which is no good.

One thing I discovered today though, was that if I click on the window first (anywhere in the window) to sort of activate it to the top level, THEN hit control + \ it disposes of it properly.
How can I get the window to be active without using a mouse?
or just, how can I terminate it properly. ???
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