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I based the TZONE env variable handling on the specification in the SetDST documentation.

For TZONE, + is west of UTC and - is east and you first specify your timezone name with offset followed by optional daylight saving zone name and offset.

For example, here in Sweden SetDST would now set TZONE to "CET-1CEST". CET is the timezone, -1 its offset (1h east) from UTC and CEST the name of the daylight saving zone. If no offset is specified for the daylight saving, it defaults to -1, so combined the total offset becomes -2 hours.

Before the shift this Saturday->Sunday, TZONE was just "CET-1" - no daylight saving zone.

Btw, sntp doesn't care about the names of the time zone or daylight saving zone name, it only cares about whether they are present or not and the offsets.
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