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Attached to this post is the third WIP version of Downfall.

The most striking difference is the graphics. As I said earlier, Predseda has been doing great work with drawing graphics for the game and I've spent a bit of time implementing them. In the archive is the entire sprite set he's drawn (I assume he's okay with this) although I haven't included the title screen on the grounds that I haven't coded it into the game yet. So far, only the first player and one set of tiles are actually loaded into shape files but of course they will all be used eventually.

In terms of the actual code, I've added some code to animate the player shape, and also when you die the scrolling stops and you have to press escape or fire to quit. Of course, in the finished game you'll be taken to the high score table (if applicable) and then the title screen so it won't always be as crude as this.

As a nice bonus, I've added ten new 'rows' of platforms to navigate before it loops around to the start again. I'll create some new levels for the game proper; this is just to test things out really.

Also, I have been toying with the character's movement. I've been attempting to add inertia, adapting some code Anakirob wrote for me for use in Annihilation several years ago. The big problem I can't solve is the player flying off the screen and flagging an error, despite my attempts to catch it if the player's x coordinates will take him off the screen and adjust it accordingly. I've included the new code in the archive, but of course the new movement code is currently commented out - feel free to have a play around and see what you can do though...

In the meantime, I'll keep plugging away and aside from this problem, I also plan to add pickups soon, the scoring system and also a nice new panel and font for the bottom of the screen.

I'm still looking for music and sound effects if anybody would be interested in contributing. I would really appreciate it.
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