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Additional Rules:

No Cheating:
Don't tamper with your score or screenshot by altering the numbers.
No continues are allowed unless otherwise stated in the rounds thread.
No use of trainers, action replay, or any other get-around to make the game easier.
No use of emulator save states (including as a way to practice parts of a game).
No use of passwords to train or skip levels, each try must start from level 1 (unless otherwise stated) and with the score on Zero.

Auto-fire can be used as long as it is not available as a power up within the game. So for R-Type this is OK, but for Deluxe Galaga this is not ok. Occasionally restrictions will be placed on specific games, such as the banning of autofire, if it is a power-up within the game, and this information might not be printed in the official rules, so if in doubt, always ask before using it.

The spirit of the rules is to play games as they were originally intended, creating a fair playing field between real Amiga users and emulator users. Where possible, this means keeping the speed of gameplay the same for everyone, and giving everyone the same lives and the same chance. It also means players are expected to behave fairly and to report any issues with being able to score loads of points (score milking - see below). Milking can be tolerated under certain conditions, so please report all bugs and issues straight away to a moderator.

Note - Intentionally dying is allowed as long as the player does not collect an extra life while doing so, to infinitely loop a section and get an unlimited score. Using extra lives to strategically gain score (milking) is fine. But if you die, collect another life, die and loop the same level over and over etc - this is score leeching.

Score whoring/leeching/taking advantage of infinite spawning enemies or bugs in a game is seriously not allowed. If you are discovered doing it, you're not going to make any friends, and your score will not be counted.

If someone is found to be cheating (and fake scores tend to be easy to spot), they will get a ban. It's not worth it, so play fair. This is an honest competition, we’re not playing for money or prizes, simply the honour and glory, and of course the taking part. If someone is found to be cheating, they will be banned from the current round. If they are found cheating again, they will be given a final warning. On the third count of cheating, the player will be banned for the whole season. If they come back and cheat again, they are banned from the competition, period.

IMPORTANT: If you do suspect someone of cheating then please PM a Moderator. It's okay to query a score to understand how they achieved it, but refrain from posting wild accusations in the game threads. Some scores are flukes or rely on luck, or finding secret areas which others have not found. Some players are happy to record them playing the game to prove their scores, and on rare occasions it has been necessary to ask a runaway winner to prove their high score with a video. This is not a rule but it can help to verify the score, and in every case so far, the winner has proved their score was legit with this method. You do not need to record your plays to prove your scores in general.

Unwritten Rules:
Players are encouraged to play the game in one sitting per try. So for example, you are discouraged from pausing the game to take a shower, have a bite to eat, and then unpause the game later. Some games are gruelling, and its this mental concentration which matters, especially if a game is playing for some time. The only exception to this is when exceptional circumstances happen. Like a call of nature, or a call at the door or telephone. When this happens, pausing a high scoring run may be necessary, but often players report crashing out and having to restart anyway. These guidelines are a player agreement to play this way, and you dont have to do this.

Players are encouraged to play with sportmanship. This can mean deciding what is fair and not fair yourself. If you found a hidden cheat in the game, which awarded a quick exit and load of score points, then its a good idea to mention this in your post to ensure everyone knows how you scored it. Players dont have to reveal secrets, but gaining an advantage without reporting it could be seen as unsporting.

Please try not to hold on to scores until the last possible moment, in an effort to make your score unbeatable. This is bad form and not very sporting.

Player Agreements:
In certain circumstances, players may elect to stand by a new rule if the new rule is adopted and agreed by everyone. For example, if the game features a leeching spot, everyone should be informed about this, to avoid this area. Player agreements can happen for all kinds of reasons, and so it helps to follow the threads carefully and keep up to date with the latest news and happenings. If a player is found to be breaking a player agreement, their score may be questioned or discounted, at the moderators discretion. As player agreements are not rules, a player cannot be banned outright for this, as they may not be aware of the agreement.

Extra Rules: - Updated
Where possible, the rules for the round must be fixed in place within the first few days of the round. If an additional rule must be added by the moderators, it must be very clearly written and shown as an Update in the First Post. On rare occasions, players who complete a game may report that bonuses affect their score, and in these cases, sometimes there is a change to the rules or the scoring method. The scoring method can also be updated in very close (timed) rounds. The final decision as to what is allowed and not allowed is always the right of the moderators to decide, and they always have the final word.

Season Schedule

2019 (Season XII)
Rounds start Sundays at 12:01pm (noon) UK time, and finish Sundays at 11:59am (noon) UK time, on the relevant dates. Make sure you use that 2 minute break wisely.

Leg 1 [Rounds 1-7]
Dec 30 2018 - Jan 13 2019: Round One voting
Jan 13 - Feb 03: Round One

Jan 13 - Jan 27: Round Two voting [Theme: Magazine Round]
Feb 03 - Feb 24: Round Two [Theme: Magazine Round]

Feb 03 - Feb 17: Round Three voting [Special Round 1: PD Games]
Feb 24 - Mar 17: Round Three [Special Round 1: PD Games]

Feb 24 - Mar 10: Round Four voting [Open Round]
Mar 17 - Apr 07: Round Four [Open Round]

Mar 17 - Mar 31: Round Five voting
Apr 07 - Apr 28: Round Five

Apr 07 - Apr 21: Round Six voting [Special Round 2: Year]
Apr 28 - May 19: Round Six [Special Round 2: Year]

Apr 28 - May 12: Round Seven voting [Mystery Round]
May 19 - Jun 09: Round Seven [Mystery Round]

Leg 2 [Rounds 8-14]
Jun 16 - Jun 30: Round Eight voting [Open Round]
Jun 30 - Jul 21: Round Eight [Open Round]

Jun 30 - Jul 14: Round Nine voting [Genre: Golf and Tennis Games]
Jul 21 - Aug 11: Round Nine [Genre: Golf and Tennis Games]

Jul 21 - Aug 04: Round Ten voting [Special Round 3: Alphabet]
Aug 11 - Sep 01: Round Ten [Special Round 3: Alphabet]

Aug 11 - Aug 25: Round Eleven voting
Sep 01 - Sep 22: Round Eleven

Sep 01 - Sep 15: Round Twelve [Open Round]
Sep 22 - Oct 13: Round Twelve [Open Round]

Sep 22 - Oct 06: Round Thirteen voting [Special Round 4: Modern Games > 1995]
Oct 13 - Nov 03: Round Thirteen [Special Round 4: Modern Games > 1995]

Oct 13 - Oct 27: Round Fourteen voting [Mystery Round]
Nov 03 - Nov 24: Round Fourteen [Mystery Round]

It's a Knockout 2019/20
Nov 03 - Nov 17: Voting
Nov 24 - Dec 08: Qualifying Round
(12+ plyrs) Dec 08 - Dec 22: Round One
(12+ plyrs) Dec 22 - Dec 29: Quarter Finals
(12+ plyrs) Dec 29 - Jan 05: Semi Finals
(12+ plyrs) Jan 05 - Jan 12: The Final and 3rd place Play-off
(8 plyrs) Dec 08 - Dec 22: Quarter Finals
(8 plyrs) Dec 22 - Dec 29: Semi Finals
(8 plyrs) Dec 29 - Jan 05: The Final and 3rd place Play-off

Dec 29th: 2020 Super League Voting starts (or Dec 22nd if only 8 players compete)

You can find out the results of Lemon and EAB's previous seasons here:
Lemon Amiga: 2005 | 2006 | 2007
EAB: 2007
EAB/Lemon Super League: 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018

We hope you enjoy playing in the tournament, and special thanks to VermillioN for first saying those fateful words 'Super League', and to Biscuit for taking the time to type all this up initially, leaving me with the embarrassingly simple task of copying and pasting it here, with a couple of subtle modifications (not forgetting various updates as the years go by).

If you've still got a question you can't find an answer to, post it below and someone will try to answer it for you. Don't be shy, you may have discovered something we all forgot.

If you have any suggestions to improve the season feel free to post your thoughts here. We're open to all new ideas.

(written by Graham Humphrey)

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