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Originally Posted by asymetrix View Post
in shell type:
mount DA0:
addbuffers DA0:
format drive DA0: name test
please test if this works for you too.
It didn't work for me.

Running WinUAE, I inserted the AUI82.ADF Diskspare formatted Coverdisk image (983040 bytes) in floppy drive DF0: and a floppy disk icon appeared on the desktop labelled "DF0:NDOS".

I copied diskspare.device to DEVS: together with a mountlist with the following entries:
Device = diskspare.device
Unit = 0
Flags = 1
Surfaces = 2
BlockSize = 512
BlocksPerTrack = 12
Reserved = 2
Interleave = 0
LowCyl = 0
HighCyl = 79
Buffers = 25
BufMemType = 0
StackSize = 600
Priority = 10
GlobVec = -1
DosType = 0x444F5301

In a shell, typing
mount DS0:
addbuffers DS0:
produced the response
DS0: has 25 buffers

List DF0:
produced the response
No information for "DS0:": not a valid DOS disk
plus the usual requester with the message "Not a DOS disk in device DS0"

When I tried formatting the disk using
SYS:System/Format drive DS0: name Empty NoIcons FFS
the disk in DF0: was formatted instead; i.e. the disk icon label changed from "DF0:????" to "Empty", and when I ejected the floppy, I discovered that the first 880K of the disk image was reformatted as an 880K empty AmigaDOS disk and the last 80K was left untouched. At no time did a DS0: floppy disk icon appear on the desktop.

This did not come as a total surprise, as I really didn't think it would work. The only thing which did surprise me is that the floppy image was written to at all! When the hard drive access light on my PC started flashing during the disk formatting, I thought maybe it would work after all, because no such thing happened when I tried to extract the AUI82 DiskSqueeze archive to DS0: three days ago and the floppy image remained unchanged. On that occasion, an additional floppy disk icon did make an appearance after Disksqueeze had unpacked the archive, but the label never changed from "DS0:????".

One further thing I did try today was to copy the 983040 bytes AUI82.ADF Diskspare formatted Coverdisk image to AUI82.HDF and mount it as a hard file in WinUAE (using Surfaces=2, Reserved=2, Sectors=12, Block-Size=512), then at the Workbench I used Thomas Rapp's TSGUI V2.5 b14 (11.1.2011) to dump an image file of that hard disk, which matched the original AUI82.ADF file exactly!

Of course, for those with Diskspare floppies to contribute to the EAB coverdisk hunt, this test doesn't prove that TSGUI can dump them mounted in a Diskspare device in a real Amiga, but it's got to be worth a try!

In the meantime, thanks to FMSDisk, my Amiga emulator can at last readily be configured to convert all Disksqueeze coverdisk archives to ADF.
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