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1. Running a PAL game on a NTSC Amiga may or may not work unless you switch your system into PAL mode. Some games will just run in NTSC mode and work fine, but are chopped off on the bottom of the screen. Other games will flicker badly and have corrupt graphics, and others, will not work at all.

2. No, you have to enter the PAL tooltype to run a WHDLoad game in PAL on a NTSC system. If you run a NTSC game on your system you do not need to enter the NTSC tooltype, as that is your native mode.

3. Not always, but most of the time it will work. Some games, need to have a tool like BootPAL run, to get them to run in PAL on a warm boot. (Non DOS games come in mind for this one, ie games that do not boot to AmigaDOS, they start loading directly hitting the hardware)

4. It works better than the menu, as it forces the system to that mode, always. As on reboots it will always be in that mode, and games will always work vs what I mentioned in 3.
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