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Not "amazing" but..
Back in 1995 I had an old A500 running in a real arcade cabinet (ex Double Dragon) with the action replay cartridge rigged up to the player 1 & 2 buttons for activation. Later on I replaced it with a second hand amiga 2000 with genlock and hard drive and an A1200HD. I made up a menu system to load games from the hard drive but also had the A1200 playing music (controlled by the A2000 via a serial cable) and running full screen animations that were shown on screen via the genlock while the A2000 played the games. The result was playing games like Xenon2 in an arcade cabinet with the real bomb the bass mix played in full by the A1200 with looping animations of starwars flight sequences (transferred and converted to anim5 from AVI files from my PC) 'underneath' the xenon2 graphics. It was great fun to play and nice to be able to combine amiga hardware to add more effects to the old games.
I ended up having 2 arcade cabnet amiga combinations linked via a null modem cable to play linked games like super skidmarks/lotus2.
Later on I had a PC/mame cabinet (ex super street fighter 2) but while technically more impressive because of the 'real' arcade game emulation it wasn't as much fun to work on as the older amiga projects.
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