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Well, it's not really technically impressive but more of a good "what I did with my amiga other then games thing"

We had an assignment in music class where we where supposed to present something with music that influenced us.

Being around 14 at the time me and my friend spent most of the day that we should have used for the assignment playing IK+. Around 20:00 we realized that we _had_ to do the assignment _NOW_. So using an AGP sampler, a couple of mini headphones as mic, (a mic is aprox an inverted speaker) his brothers guitar, CDs and a couple of ST discs we spent the night hacking/sampling away at our favourite artists.

The morning after, being done listening to 1.5 hours of mind numbing Mozart and Bach influences presentations written by parents for their kids, we where up for presentation.

So, we started our recorded results (cassette) a presentation on influences from rock to punk and metal. All in 4 channel glory at a hefty 3*1.6Mb mix. A tracker can do some really nifty stuff like crossfading samples, pitching the sound/ speed and so on… we then topped it off with smoke on the water on his brother’s guitar, a sheep sample going baaaaah in tone with the guitar riff and a teachers huffing as beat.

It was great, everyone (except the huffing teacher) loved it, we did get an A
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