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OK, some configs with OCS 68000 cycle-exact here:
512KB chip: Infinite reboot loop at grey screen, resets every ~1/2 second.
512KB chip + 512KB slow: Infinite reboot loop at grey screen, reset every ~4 seconds.
512KB chip + 8MB Z2: After clicking start the insert WB disk screen appears. Press Ctrl-A-A and get reset loop (like with 512KB chip config).

Strangely none of them give the no disk present requester???

Edit: That was testing with 3.6.0b8. With 3.6.0b7 and earlier, at least the 512+8M config does boot to CLI, but you have to press Ctrl-A-A at the insert WB disk screen for it to do that.

Edit 2: With 3.6.0b7, the 512 and 512+512 configs correctly boot: no insert disk screen.
The 512+8M config shows the insert disk screen, but after pressing Ctrl-A-A it does boot.

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