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Back in the day I always used joystick (first cheetah, later maverick). When using maverick I always wished there were more games with 2-button support. The first 2-button game I played was Leander and I remember being quite happy with it.

Anyway I was so used to playing with 1-button and using up for jumping that I
felt ok with it. But I don't know how I played so much Street Fighter 2 with 1-button only...

I always thought they could add keyboard support, though.

Nowadays, I'm so used to modern consoles and gamepads that when I play Amiga games I feel that "up for jumping" is kind of awkward. Most of the games I don't even like playing with joystick anymore.

I like playing platformers with gamepad, football games (kick off, sensible soccer) with joystick.

So I think it's a matter of what you're used to. When I used 1-button joystick only, I felt ok with it. Now I'm used to gamepads and I feel better using them
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