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Originally Posted by clitosa View Post
However, when we attempt to open the DIR.TXT file we are presented with the execute a file menu shown in the bottom half of the enclosed first picture.

When we try to view the file by clicking on OK, we are given the error message inside the output window. Please see picture 2

dir.txt: file is not executable
dir.txt failed returncode 10

As last time i believe we are doing something wrong. Any further assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
dir.txt is just a plain text file, not a program. That's why you get the error. Generally, CLI command lines take the form commandname arguments. So here as Thomas suggested you can view text files with MultiView, More or Ed.

I recommend you read up on AmigaDOS commands, things will probably make a lot more sense then. You can download a PDF of The AmigaDOS Manual from (There was a later version of the AmigaDOS manual covering Release 2 of AmigaDOS. I don't know whether that's available in PDF format though.)
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