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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Several points here, I'll try to address them in the same order as your posting.

Redirecting to dir.txt (or whatever name you chose) creates a file in the current directory. In your case that was most likely the root directory of your Workbench disk. You can show or change the current directory with the CD command. CD alone shows the current directory. CD dirname changes the current directory. For example to change to the RAM disk you'd type CD RAM:

If you double-click the Workbench disk icon, the disk window will open. Then select Window→Show→All Files to show all files in that window.

The system request in the picture is because the Workbench disk is full. Open a CLI window and type Delete DIR.TXT to delete the file. Or you can delete it from Workbench after showing all files. In future it will be a good idea to create the file in the RAM disk (RAM instead. So something like this: Dir DH1: ALL >RAM:dir.txt

(Files in the RAM disk are lost when you power off.)

Looking at the directory listing in the Ed editor, it seems like the machine's previous owner was German. Or, they used a German program which gives every file a comment with its creation and modification dates. You'll probably find it better to use the Dir command rather than List, since that doesn't show as much unnecessary detail.
Hi Mark K - Wow, that's really helpful, thank you!

Shell is starting to make more sense now, thanks to you.

We have created a DIR.TXT within the RAM disk. Using the recommended:


Dir DH1: ALL >RAM:dir.txt

However, when we attempt to open the DIR.TXT file we are presented with the execute a file menu shown in the bottom half of the enclosed first picture.

When we try to view the file by clicking on OK, we are given the error message inside the output window. Please see picture 2

dir.txt: file is not executable
dir.txt failed returncode 10

As last time i believe we are doing something wrong. Any further assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for all your help
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