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Originally Posted by clitosa View Post
When we type in the command: DH1: ALL > DIR.TXT into shell we are given no response. For example shell will read:

8.Workbench:> DH1: ALL > DIR.TXT

Maybe it is just very slow. Should this happen?

Should the .txt file be found on the desktop once (or if) completed?
[I'll assume you did actually type the List command but forgot to show that above.]

The List DH1: ALL >DIR.TXT command redirects the output of the List command to the file DIR.TXT. So it's normal that no text appears in the CLI window.

The DIR.TXT file won't have an icon (.info file) so it won't appear by default from Workbench, unless you select the Window→Show→All Files menu item.

Probably the easiest way to look through the listing is to use the Ed command. Ed is a simple text editor. Just do Ed DIR.TXT to load it. If you already have a full selection of apps on your hard disk you probably have a better text editor than Ed if you prefer to use that.

As an alternative to List you can use the Dir command instead which may provide more compact/readable output. Use a command like Dir DH1: ALL >output.txt
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