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Originally Posted by johnim View Post
can you use any 1200 accelerators or just aca line
I'll only guarantee it to work with my own A1200 accelerators. If it works with others: Good for you! If it doesn't, I can't give any additional support. I mean.. look at the price - it barely covers production cost and only pushes sales of my other products (well, at least that's the plan).

Originally Posted by frank_b View Post
Will the 500 unit work with an a1000 too?
The ACA500 is made for the A500 and comes with an elaborate mounting kit. The board consists of two parts, one that sits in the 68000 socket, and another that contains the accel/CF-slot/A1200 slot. It'll work on a technical basis, but probably not mechanically. However, I still have that open promise of "2MByte chipram for A1000", which I may combine with a nice solution for the ACA500.

Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
How will the 16.6MHz 1220 compare to the old Blizz 1220 @ 28MHz - will your superfast Ram trickery boost it enough?
The 68020 is much slower on the bus than 68030, so superfast memory won't boost it that much. It will mostly gain from the bare fact that it has fastmem, but other than that, it's more like a memory expansion to the A1200. A rather large one, that is :-) As mentioned in the news item, it's only "turbo" from the A500 viewpoint.

Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
Otherwise 16.67 vs 14.3 Mhz isnt a huge improvement? Ram normally just doubles speed without any CPU improvement doesnt it?
Yep, that's about it. However, with that much RAM, you can hold lots of stuff in ramdisk and avoid HD-waiting times ;-)

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