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Taking in to account, with respect to what Brett has said, I have done the CR2032 mod (did it before Brett's post appeared!). Put a brand new battery in. The voltage before the diode is 2.7V and after the diode it is 2.2V . Now I booted in to Workbench (booted off 2.04 disk), set the date and time and saved it. Turned off the Amiga, and unplugged from the mains. Left it for 10 mins or so, plugged in and booted back up. The time had gone back to 1991 !
I'm assuming this is because the voltage of the battery is too low? Is there anything else I can do , short of replacing again with a NiMH? Any other model of CR battery maybe?

Otherwise I guess I will just have to change again to an NiMH!
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