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Originally Posted by Another World View Post
Just to be more clear, i started this thread because the CD32 emulation of WinUAE i tried is not so functional
Infact, with a real mastered CD or using a virtual CD manager, i have some problems
Something about the CD controller emulation, i think (since AGA emulation should be OK in WinUAE)

It's my only experience or someone else tried this ?

Well I don't know what are your specific problems AnotherWorld, but since making the backup of my CD32 titles i've played from the originals in WinUAE without any incompatibility and from the same iso's with DaemonTools. And played also many isos from MagixFTp and the net without any problem with DaemonTools. Maybe someting wrong with your drive? Try DaemonTools for the isos.

EDIT - Always used Quickstart from WinUAE
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