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Originally Posted by ziovax
Yes, you're right... but FMV module enable (via additional hardware) mpeg1 playback in standard VideoCD (320*240*24bit at 24 frames per second, audio stereo 44KHz) ..... cdxl is some sort of mjpeg, but composed by iff image and 8svx audio instead of jpeg image and mp3 audio..... Amiga CD32 or 1200 dont have enough "computational power" to reproduce mpeg or mjpeg streams.
Yea, so in the end, it doesn't matter so much that the CD drive is only double speed, but that there is no suitable codec that can be used in realtime on the 020

Regarding the subtitles: maybe it's possible to include them as a seperate file on the CD and render them in real-time below the video? This would involve some coding skills of course
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