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Originally Posted by Thomas Richter View Post
There is one (common) ROM for A500,A2000
This is simply NOT TRUE. For example, I've got two A500/A1200 ROMs:

- file dated 27th Sept 2018, MD5 sum 7fe1eb0ba2b767659bf547bfb40d67c4
- file dated 19th Oct 2018, MD5 sum 61c5b9931555b8937803505db868d5a8

Both were downloaded by me from my Hyperion account. Similarly with A1200 ROMs (and, AFAIK, all the other ROMs), there are some differences between floppy images too. How many versions were actually released (and how many more will be released in the future under the same version number) - I don't have any idea, probably pirate sites are the only reliable source of information.

I'm getting too old for this and I'm really happy my half-baked plug&play script system is only my unreleased private script system (dealing only with software/hardware I personally own or emulate) and I don't have to deal with users running into problems due to this mess (and this is a mess the Hyperion itself created - not the CBM!).


Originally Posted by Thomas Richter View Post
CBM did by not supplying a unified architecture, and failed to provide autoconf for their components (a problem reproduced by another more recent hardware - thanks guys)
I think I know which hardware you are talking about, that's the other reason I'll probably never be able to do my p&p right. I can forgive the PlipBox team (it's a hack straight from the beginning and it's amazing that they made such product at all), but full-fledged FPGA boards with several variants and different cores with different functionalities... no, I just don't want to deal with anything like this.

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