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Originally Posted by Romanujan View Post
@ceztko - I'm afraid it's not possible. There are at least two different 3.1.4 ROMs for a given model, and multiple (probably at least 3 or 4) sets of floppy disks. All have just one version number 3.1.4, and when purchasing you don't actually know what you'll get.
You know exactly what you get. The ROM(s) for the system you ordered and the disk set, or the Modules disk for the system you ordered, plus the disk set. There is one (common) ROM for A500,A2000 and A600, one for the A3000, one for the A4000 and one for the A4000T. Was never any different. CBM had different ROMs for all their machines, exactly in the outline above. An A4000 Rom in a A2000 machine - well, despite that it would not even fit physically - would not work even work as far as the software is concerned either.
Originally Posted by Romanujan View Post
Hyperion did a complete mess with 3.1.4.
Nope. CBM did by not supplying a unified architecture, and failed to provide autoconf for their components (a problem reproduced by another more recent hardware - thanks guys). The 3.1.4 developers just had to follow what CBM did. There is, actually, not even possibility to even create a unified ROM, though 3.1.4 certainly cleaned up a couple of strange concepts. All kickstarts before had different versions of graphics (AGA, non-AGA) or utility (68020 or not) or mathieeesingbas (again, 68020 or not). All of that went away, with only one version for all. What is different is exec, expansion, and the scsi.device, plus the corresponding bonus code (i.e. A3000.bonus, A4000.bonus etc). That is, unfortunately, very hard to fix. Thus, please think twice before you make such pointless complaints.
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