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Originally Posted by ross View Post
of course.

Has anyone ever tried to change the horizontal frequency?

EDIT: now that comes to mind, and if I remember correctly, there is a demo that does it to make an effect with the copper!
(only a little change to x value to shift initial copper position)
But to not lost sync every other line reset the position.
I've tried many years ago - it was fail (from strange effects on particular horizontal lines to complete hang on Amiga) - but my knowledge was very limited (no information about details of Amiga chipset, electronics, coding) also my test equipment was highly limited... only TV hooked by SCART to Amiga.
But it should be feasible only time tight Copper list required, perhaps CPU heavy usage too... anyway i observed horizontal frequency changes (HV transformer begin to sound very weird) - today no risk for LCD but those times i couldn't afford to broke TV.
Also curios about triggering with Copper STRHOR - $DFF03C - (this could trig Paula higher sampling rate) - tried but fail was obvious - whole system halted (tried with CPU - perhaps Copper in middle of line could do something better).
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