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Hi guys,
I bought 2 brand new PC floppy drives at a very cheap price, they are 2 x ALPS DF354H (rev. 121G) I am attempting to convert one of them to work with my Amiga 500 but although all the welds and connections (including cutting of tracks) it works only as "standalone drive". If other drives are connected simultaneously they start giving errors.
I mean that If I try to use it as df1 (external drive) the df0 unit (a Mitsumi) stops working fine and it does not recognize any more floppies.
The same if I use the modified ALPS as df0. All the external drives do not recognize floppies or are ignored.
What only works is the ALPS drive.

Can you confirm that this floppy drive gives all these problems and is not suitable for a full compatible use with AMIGA?
Thank you for any replies or tips.
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