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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Pepto is wrong. No matter what Sony NTSC palette you load. You can change the saturation or contrast settings inside Retroarch if you think it's to bright/saturated.

You can also create you own Colodore settings, save it as PNG and use a tool like Colorpicker to get the hexvalues for the .vpl.

edit: Use a text editor and open the .vpl. Maybe you like this Red values better.

# Red
85 1f 02 4

Thanks again for all your help. It seems a lot of work but I have such intense nostalgia for the C64, having owned one in the late 80s/early 90s and discovering that it was my favorite computer of all-time, that I'm willing to play around with it until I get it just right It's great that Retroarch & colodore has so much configurability. I was playing a game or two last night after I logged off here and I have to admit, it does look a whole lot less bland and more colorful, like I remember my old 64 on my old Zenith TV looking. I prefer a more orangey red to pink so, yeah, might just mess around with it.
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