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Yeah, for whatever reason, I just get a black screen (the game audio works, however) when I load that colodore external palette though all the other palettes work. I even did fresh installs of the latest builds of both the 64-bit & 32-bit versions of Retroarch. Am I possibly missing an asset of some kind that needs to be installed? Is that vpl file you attached above suppose to be injected into Retroarch?

Here's my retroarch-core-options.cfg:

vice_C64Model = "C64MODEL_C64_PAL"
vice_Controller = "keyboard"
vice_Drive8Type = "1541"
vice_DriveTrueEmulation = "enabled"
vice_ExternalPalette = "colodore"
vice_JoyPort = "port_2"
vice_mapper_b = "RETROK_ESCAPE"
vice_mapper_l = "RETROK_KP_PLUS"
vice_mapper_l2 = "RETROK_KP_MULTIPLY"
vice_mapper_l3 = "RETROK_TAB"
vice_mapper_r = "RETROK_KP_MINUS"
vice_mapper_r2 = "RETROK_ESCAPE"
vice_mapper_r3 = "RETROK_F5"
vice_mapper_start = "RETROK_KP_DIVIDE"
vice_mapper_x = "RETROK_RETURN"
vice_mapper_y = "RETROK_F9"
vice_RetroJoy = "enabled"
vice_SidModel = "6581F"
vice_Statusbar = "disabled"
vice_UserportJoyType = "none"
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