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Haujobb Amiga Framework released

Good evening, and happy New Year!

I am not very active on this forum, but know that quite a few coders and demoscene friends are around here. So I would like to share the news that our cross-compiling Haujobb Amiga demo framework has just been released.

You can find the release with complete documentation (currently 45 pages PDF, as well as HTML) on

This is a C/Asm framework, targeted at Amiga AGA/060, working natively on Windows, with full source-code and docs.

This is the framework that we came up with to develop our demos, like Beam Riders (

If you ever wanted to code your own Amiga AGA demo, but didn't know the platform, or where to start; or you just wanted to sneak a peek at how we do our demos in Haujobb, then this one is for you. Code and debug on PC, sync with the Rocket tracker editor, and cross-compile for Amiga.

So make your New Year's resolution come true and code that new demo
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