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Originally Posted by nolunchman View Post
I remember browsing the web on my Amiga with a 33.6k modem in the mid 90s. Cool as it was, even back then, web pages broke and the experience left something to be desired compared to its archrival PC that sat on my desk at work.

I have only recently returned to the Amiga scene after 20+ years and am more than impressed with what you guys (the amiga die hards) have done.

I am aware that there are other evolutions of the OS with some browser support, but for me, 3.1 rendering a modern web page in 24bit with 30fps video would be a sight to see. It might even make a grown man cry. When Flash was the prevailing tech, I wrote the amiga off, but now that HTML5 is here and PPC or FPGA boards helping with the ram and speed limitations, I think it is now possible to have a browser experience that I could live with, even if I had to resort to using i7/AmigaForever.

Or am I crazy...

It's not ever gonna happen the "regular way" IMO, and its not only for technical reasons but as others have already mentioned.. It would be a "misdirected development effort"... there are so many other devices you already own that are automagically updated all the time to give you the perfect web experience..
...BUT someone crazy enough might think of something wildly out of the box just to prove a point.. Say, for the Vampire 4 (which has some new connectivity options). Like porting some open source a virtualized client software where you run a "Remote Desktop" window of a browser running on a Raspberry Pi 3B (or newer/more powerful, running Linux and a modern browser) hidden in the shell of you Amiga.. ;-)
But of course, that in itself would require a madman and some sorcery as well..and frankly still wouldnt be very useful ;-)
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