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Originally Posted by Romanujan View Post
Porting one version of browser is not a solution, it will quickly become obsolete/vulnerable. Browser has to be constantly updated.
That's true. However vulnerability is much lower on classic Amigas than modern PCs, and most websites can be still be viewed with obsolete browsers.

There is no manpower for this in the Amiga world. Not to mention RAM requirements of the modern browsers - but since just about everybody moved to 64-bit, and 8 GB RAM in a smartphone is not considered insane anymore, upstream probably does not really care.
Correct, in fact they never cared. But that doesn't mean we can't have a truly lightweight browser for the Amiga that will do 99% of what we want.

I am currently running IBrowse 2.4 on an A1200 with 16MB RAM and a 50MHz 030, and it works well enough for the sites I regularly visit. By only running 8 colors on screen and keeping pictures in FastRAM the scrolling speed and memory usage is acceptable. Won't play YouTube videos properly of course (not enough processing power) but my Vampired A600 should do it fine once I get it set up properly. The biggest problem with IBrowse is not being able to use the latest TLS encryption. Hoping IBrowse 2.5 will be released soon!
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