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Originally Posted by jamielemon View Post
The other thing was a method of travel it used which was called the Rainbow Bridge or something similar, and it let you travel between different parts of the world. All I remember about this is it was very colourful, and you got to see your characters running along the road with lots of bright flashing colours on screen.
Not sounding familiar to me...
Rainbow Bridge? bright flashing colours?

Um.. were you on any pharmaceuticals at the time you were playing said game? ;-)

Originally Posted by jamielemon View Post
Hopefully someone will remember that one - this next one might be a bit trickier, because it was a PD game.
Now, literally all I remember about this one was that it was kind of an Ultima rip-off, but much more primitive than Ultima 5, which I also had on the Amiga at the time. So basically - just a PD Ultima clone - not a lot to go on, sorry! The only other clue I have is that it was almost certainly reviewed in Amiga Format as that's where I got most of my recommendations for PD games from.
Probably not it, but I seem to remember a PD Ultima-like game called Zerg (I think?).
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