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[Found: Swords of Twilight & Legend of Lothian] Help me remember these game names...

I'm stuck trying to remember the names of two Amiga games I played back in the day. They were both RPGs. I played them on my A500 so they won't have been AGA games.

This first one, was vaguely Zelda like (though I hadn't played Zelda at the time so I might be remembering it wrong). There are only really two things I remember about it, the first was that 4 players could play simultaneously ( I think, I never did it), each controlling a character from a top-down view.
The other thing was a method of travel it used which was called the Rainbow Bridge or something similar, and it let you travel between different parts of the world. All I remember about this is it was very colourful, and you got to see your characters running along the road with lots of bright flashing colours on screen.

Hopefully someone will remember that one - this next one might be a bit trickier, because it was a PD game.
Now, literally all I remember about this one was that it was kind of an Ultima rip-off, but much more primitive than Ultima 5, which I also had on the Amiga at the time. So basically - just a PD Ultima clone - not a lot to go on, sorry! The only other clue I have is that it was almost certainly reviewed in Amiga Format as that's where I got most of my recommendations for PD games from.

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