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This is just the thread I was looking for! Thanks for the great info everyone. I am debating between the Tom2 and Rys II. My main reason for getting one is for the joystick feature, but I will likely use a mouse as well. Has anyone tried with either with a Playstation or Xbox controller? I have PS3, PS4, and Xbox One controllers. Has anyone tried those? The product description says it will work with "most PSX controllers" so I feel my chances are good, but I don't know exactly what that means. I also have a Buffalo SNES controller and and Atari 2600 style stick. I did read about a specific Playstation controller adapter in the latest issue of Amiga Future, but it seems to only work with a PS2 controller. I am sure I can find one of those, but figured I might as well get an adapter that will work with what I already have if such a thing exists. Thank you so much.
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