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Alien Breed & Alien Breed '92: SE - delay when picking up items / opening doors

I'm sure I asked this a while ago, as in a couple of years (probably 6 years who knows)

When you collect anything with WinUAE there is always a delay, in a space where there are a lot of items to pick up the last one could remain on the screen for a few seconds.

I don't remember this happening on a real Amiga though (although the last time I played it on a real amiga was probably 20 years ago.

Is there a settings I can enable to fix this Toni?

Of late I've recreated all my configs, using the most compatible settings from quick start as a base and just adding more memory.

I have of course tested with using the default 1 mb quick start config also. As far as I am aware there isn't a version of WinUAE that this hasn't happened with.

It's not a host issue as WinUAE barely uses 40% even with my filter setup 5xxbr applied 3 or 4 times whatever the limit is.

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