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So, I'd like to write a new Amiga game - what do you want to see?

Now I have some free time on my hands (not in a good way sadly) I'd love to seriously get back into programming again. It's been a long time since I sat down and worked on a proper game and maybe the extended break will have done me good.

Ideally, I want to program something that would be relatively simple to put together and maybe wouldn't take longer than a few months (I hope) to do. At the same time though, I want it to be a fun, worthwhile game that won't be earth-shattering but something that people can load up now and again and enjoy playing (like a lot of good PD games basically). Perhaps something we could play in the EAB/Lemon Super League.

The thing is, I'm a bit low on ideas and inspiration at the moment so I thought I'd throw it out to you lot. Perhaps you've played an indie game, whether on PC, iPhone, XBLA (or even a new title on a machine like the Spectrum or C64) - whatever, and it hasn't been done on the Amiga before, or you'd like to see a new take on an old tried-and-trusted concept. Maybe even an idea of your own you've dreamed up.

It doesn't matter, as long as it's something that won't be too complex to play (and hopefully to write). I'd be programming it in Blitz Basic 2.1, and could be either an ECS or AGA game, or (who knows) both. And I'd definitely need a bit of help with graphics, music, and the like, too (maybe some programming if it goes pear-shaped...!). I'd also regularly post WIP versions, and maybe a development diary of some sort, and really get as many people involved as possible - it will hopefully be a fun experience and something that anybody can have input into if they wish.

So fire away - all ideas considered but ultimately I'll have to stick with one to develop - but maybe I can incorporate and adapt other people's ideas into it and maybe my own if I get an imagination
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