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Quick update...

Thought I'd let you know how I'm getting on with my sinescroll routine.

Things are moving VERY slowly because I'm in no way, shape or form a very experienced coder! I've only ever done a few routines so this is by far the biggest thing I've attempted and is therefore taxing my ageing brain quite heavily!

I've got all my data defined now (font, logo, sine table etc.) and all the various parts of the routine are there - some working, some in embryo.

I try to break the code into smaller tasks and then have an educated stab at writing a routine to perform each task, test it, tweak it, get it working and write the next one.

So far my code forbids multitasking, saves the system copper list, installs my own copper list, opens a 1 bitmap screen with a couple of border copper bars, blits my logo into that screen, and then sits there waiting for the left mouse button before restoring all the system stuff and quitting back to the OS.

I've also successfully tested the routine that grabs the characters from my scrolltext and translates their ASCII character codes into positions in my font bitmap to grab the correct character image from before blitting into the scrollplane.

Next I need to do the scrolling, probably using the blitter and shifting (not 100% sure how to do this yet so the routine is embryo currently), and the routine that copies the scroll plane data to the displayed bitmap using the sine values as y-offsets - again I've only currently got this routine in embryo form.

Once it's all (should I say if I can ever get it all...!) working I'm gonna try to stick the main routine in a copper interrupt too.

If anyone's interested in checking the current source code I'm more than happy to share / discuss / get told how wrong I'm doing it! It's commented and all the data is self contained, font and logo etc. are all defined as dc.w lists...

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